Steinhoff / Maties Rugby

Watch the Steinhoff Maties Koshuis Rugby Finals, played at the Danie Craven Stadium at the University of Stellenbosch on Friday, 22 September 2017.

Kyk na wedstryde van die Steinhoff Maties Koshuis Rugby Finale, gespeel op die Danie Craven Stadium by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch op Vrydag, 22 September 2017.


Steinhoff 4th League Final:
Steinhoff PSO Barbarians 4 vs Steinhoff SRA 3 (Stellenbosch Rugby Academy)

Commentators: Josh Myburgh (PSO) & Ruben Venter (SRA)
Referee’s: Julian Europa & Schalk Joubert

(We apologise for the lack of sound during the first few minutes of the game)


Steinhoff 3rd League Final:
Steinhoff PSO Barbarians 3 vs Steinhoff Dagbreek 3

Commentators: Eddie Swart (PSO) & Marco Claassen (Dagbreek)
Referee’s: Clearance Khumalo & Jean de Wet


Steinhoff 2nd League Final:
Steinhoff PSO Barbarians 2 vs Steinhoff Dagbreek 2

Commentators: Eddie Swart (PSO) & Rohan vd Mescht (Dagbreek)
Referee’s: Andre Bester & Pieter le Roux


Steinhoff 1st League Final:
Steinhoff Eendrag vs Steinhoff Huis Marais

Commentators:  AJ Stander (Huis Marais) & Nelis van Schalkwyk (Eendrag)
Referee’s: Petri Bosch & Ryan Deacon


Steinhoff Maties Koshuis Rugby Finals

Geborg deur Steinhoff.